Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 285

Wing Chun Family Tree part 9

The Wing Chun ancestor rules in Grandmaster Ip Chun’s school in Hong Kong.

Lèuhng Jan 梁贊 liked Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順 a great deal. He not only taught him Wing Chun Kung Fu, but also taught him Chinese Medicine, and so Chàhn Wàh Seuhn then started to help treat patients in the clinic.

Chàhn Wàh Seuhn only had 16 students. His first student was his son Chàhn Yúh Mìhn 陳汝棉, who was born in 1884, though this when Chàhn Wàh Seuhn was 35 and before he started learning Wing Chun. The other known students are Lèuih Yúh Mìhn 雷汝濟, Chàhn Sek Hauh 陳錫候, Làih Háuh Pùih 黎厚培, Chàhn Húng Daaih 陳孔大, Hòh Hon Léuih 何漢侣, Ǹgh Síu Lóuh 吴小魯, Ǹgh Juhng Sou 吳仲素, and his last student Ip Man 葉問.

Lèuhng Jan’s 梁贊 most senior student Leih Wàh 李華 had already passed away, in 1889, so he left Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順 in charge of his clinic Wìhng Sāng Tòhng 榮生堂. Later, Lèuhng Jan changed the name of the clinic to Hahng Jai Tòhng 杏濟堂 – Apricot Relief Clinic. In 1901 Leuhng Jan passed away, Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順 left the clinic to begin teaching professionally. At first he taught at Lotus Street Earthenware Shop 蓮花地大街缸瓦店, then after a few year, in 1909 he moved to Sōng Yùhn Daaih Gāai 桑園大街 – Mulberry Garden Street, to teach in Ip Man’s family courtyard. When Ip Man was seven years old he began studying with Chàhn Wàh Seuhn. Sadly, Chàhn Wàh Seuhn suffered a stroke and died in 1905.

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