Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 286

Wing Chun Family Tree Part 10

Lèuhng Jan 梁贊 had two sons, Lèuhng Bīk 梁壁 and Lèuhng Chēun 梁春. As I mentioned before, Lèuhng Bīk was interested in Kung Fu and Lèuhng Chēun was interested in Medicine. Though some people say Lèuhng Jan had five children where Lèuhng Bīk was the eldest and Lèuhng Chēun 梁春 was the third son.

Lèuhng Bīk’s (1845-1914) original name was Lèuhng Bīk Woh 梁壁和 . He also had other names, Taai Wàh 態華, Yìuh Sehk 瑶石 and Bo Lum 寶林, but most people called him Mr Bik, just like his father was called Mr Jan and not Mr Lèuhng. Mr in Chinese is Xiang Sheng 先生 – in Mandarin and Sīn Sāang in Cantonese. It is not exactly like the English term Mr, it means educated person. So people called him Bīk Sīn Sāang 壁先生 and his father Jan Sīn Sāang 贊先生.

Lèuhng Bīk had a good education, plus he had a background in Chinese Medicine from when he was younger. This allowed him to understand Wing Chun Kung Fu very deeply, more deeply than most of his father’s other students. At the end of the Qing Dynasty 清朝, when Sun Yat Sen’s 孫逸仙Repbulic of China took over and the war with Japan began, Lèuhng Bīk left Foshan 佛山 and travelled to Hong Kong, as at that time, people were free to travel back and forth between China and Hong Kong. Lèuhng Bīk ran a textile and clothing business in Jervois Street in Sheng Wan, Hong Kong 香港上環乍畏街, which today is named So Han Street 蘇杭街.

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