Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 287

Wing Chun Family Tree Part 11

Chàhn Wàh Seuhn’s 陳華順  youngest student was Ip Man葉問. Ip Man began studying when he was only six years old. Chàhn Wàh Seuhn was already old and so he passed Ip Man on to his eldest student Ǹgh Juhng Sou 吳仲素.

Ǹgh Juhng Sou’s father ran an earthenware shop where Chàhn Wàh Seuhn was teaching Wing Chun. This was Chàhn Wàh Seuhn first school and he later moved to Ip Man’s family courtyard and this had a big effect on Ip Man. The young Ip Man could see people practising Kung Fu every day and so he became very interested and wanted to study. However, in the beginning Chàhn Wàh Seuhn did not want to accept Ip Man because he was so young, but after Ip Man’s family insisted, Chàhn Wàh Seuhn finally accepted him. Ip Man was Chàhn Wàh Seuhn’s last student. Ip Man studied with Chàhn Wàh Seuhn from 1899 to 1905, when Chàhn Wàh Seuhn passed away and then Ip Man continued studying under Ǹgh Juhng Sou until 1907. (There are some who say Chàhn Wàh Seuhn passed away in 1913, but according to my Sīfú it was 1905). Then in 1908, Ip Man went to Hong Kong to continue his education at St Stephen’s English School.

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