Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 288

Wing Chun Family Tree Part 12

Ip Man 葉問

In 1909, Ip Man 葉問 was studying at St Stephens English School in Hong Kong. While he was there, his classmate, named Làih 黎, introduced him to Lèuhng Bīk 梁壁. Lèuhng Bīk was running a textile and clothing business in Hong Kong. Ip Man was happy to meet someone else from Foshan and very happy to meet the eldest son of his Sīgōng 師公, Lèuhng Jan 梁贊. Ip Man had of course heard of Lèuhng Bīk, but he had never met him.

After Lèuhng Bīk had tested young Ip Man’s Wing Chun, he accepted him and offered to teach him. Ip Man felt so lucky to be able to study with his Sī Baak 師伯. Ip Man studied with Lèuhng Bīk for four years, until he was 20 years old and then he went back home to Foshan.

My Sīfú, Ip Chun 葉準 said, “Ip Man realised that Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順 was a strong man and so his Wing Chun skill used much more energy. Lèuhng Bīk was much gentler and so his skill was much softer.” From then Ip Man followed Lèuhng Bīk’s energy and his Wing Chun became soft, but strong inside.

After studying in Hong Kong, Ip Man was planning on traveling to Japan to study more, but for some reason he gave up this idea and stayed in Foshan. From then he spent his time developing his Wing Chun and practising with his Wing Chun brothers Ǹgh Juhng Sou 吳仲素, Yúhn Kèih Sāan 阮奇山, Yìuh Chòih 姚才, Yihp Juhng Hōng 葉仲康, Làih Hihp Chìh黎協箎 and Tōng Gai 湯繼

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