Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 289

Wing Chun Family Tree Part 13

Grandmaster Ip Man

At that time, Wing Chun in Foshan was based on Ǹgh Juhng Sou 吳仲素. Other Wing Chun practitioners, like Yúhn Kèih Sāan 阮奇山 (1887-1956) and Yìuh Chòih 姚才 (1890-1956) also liked to go to Ǹgh Juhng Sou’s school to practise. Ip Man had returned from Hong Kong and since he had been studying with his Sībaak 師伯, Leung Bik 梁壁, his Wing Chun was quite different from the others and so they all like to practise with him. Apart from going to Ǹgh Juhng Sou’s school, they also like to go to Ip Man’s big house. Ip Man’s home had a lot of room and a big garden to practise in, he also had a wooden dummy, poles and Baat Jáam Dōu 八斬刀. They liked to go there to practise even though they had learnt Wing Chun from different teachers and their forms were different and even had different names. There are a few different styles of Wing Chun, some from Ńgh Mùih Sī Taai 五枚師太 when she stayed in Guǎngxī (Gwóngsāi in Cantonese) 廣西 and the Hùhng  Syùhn 紅船 -Red Boat (the Opera Boat) and others which I will explain in another Wing Chun Note in the future. So Ip Man, Yu Kei Shan and Yu Choi were given the name “Wihng Chēun Sāam Hùhng   詠春三雄 – The Three Heoroes of Wing Chun”. They also liked to go out and take challenges and defend those they saw being victims of harm or bullying.

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