Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 292

Wing Chun Family Tree – Part 16

GRandmaster Ip Man 葉問

Jāu Chaan Yiuh 周燦耀 asked his brother to study with Ip Man 葉問. He said, “Gwōng Yiuh 光耀, Uncle Man’s Kung Fu is very good. If we can learn from him it would be good!” Jāu Gwōng Yiuh 周光耀 agreed. Chaan Yiuh knew that Ip Man liked his younger brother more, so if he asked then Ip man would agree to teach them. Ip Man did agree and accepted them as students. When other people heard about this, more people came forward to ask Ip Man to accept them as students and teach them Wing Chun.

So one night, at the cotton shop a group of young men knelt down in front of Ip Man, who was sitting on a chair, they asked him to accept them and bowed down as students to pay their respects to their Sīf ú師父. This is a Baai Sī (Bai Shi) 拜師 ceremony and this is the traditional Chinese way a Sīfú accepts a student. The students offered Ip Man tea, Ip Man accepted it and drank it. It was a simple ceremony and Ip Man did not even take any money from them. The young men were, Jāu Chaan Yiuh 周燦耀, Jāu Gwōng Yiuh 周光耀, Gwok Fu 郭富, Lèuhn Gāai倫佳, Chàhn Ji Sān 陳志新, Léuih Paak Yīng 吕柏應 and Jāu Sai Kèuhng 周細強. They were the first group of students of Ip Man.

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