Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 296

Wing Chun Family Tree – Part 20

Ip Man 葉問 & Ip Chun 葉準

From 1957 to 1962, when Ip Man 葉問 was aged 64 to 69 years old, he moved to Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Sham Shiu Po 深水埗李鄭屋邨. This is where he lived and also taught Wing Chun from his home. The students who joined at this time were Mak Po 麥普,Yeung Hei 楊熙,Moy Yat 梅逸,Ho Kam Ming 何金銘He was also invited to teach in other places.

From 1962 to 1963, Ip Man was aged 69 to 70, he moved to 61, Hing Yip Building, Tai Po Road 大埔道61號興業大厦 where he taught students like Cheng Yiu Wing 張耀榮,Ho Luen 何聯,Cheung Jing On 章静安,Chan Nuen Lam 陳暖林,Chan Tai Yim 陳太炎,Kwok See Yun 郭思恩 etc.

It was at this time his two sons Ip Chun 葉準 and Ip Ching 葉正 moved from Foshan 佛山 and joined him in Hong Kong. They lived with their father and began their Wing Chun studies once more.

From 1963 to 1965, when he was aged 69 to 72, Ip Man taught at Tai Kok Tsui Fuk Tsun Street Tai San Restaurant 大角咀福全街大生飯店. The restautant’s owner was his student Ho Luen. The students who joined here included Yeung Chung Hon 楊宗瀚, Wat Yung Sang 屈榕生, Pang Kam Fat 彭錦發, Cheung Ching On章靜安, Lee Yan Wing李恩榮,  Yau Hak So邱克蘇. Ip Man was also invited to teach at Yin Hing Street 衍慶街 in San Po Kong新蒲崗, he students included the Chief Detective Tang Sang 鄧生 and Lam Yin Fat藍賢發, Yuen Chi Kong袁志剛, Lee Yiu Fai李耀輝,  Wong Kwok黄國. Most of them were high ranking police officers.

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