Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 303

Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁 and Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁 – Part 5

Mai Jarn Kuen埋㬹拳

Doing Siu Lim Tao on one leg will develop our balance so that when we kick we will be very stable  and our one leg stance will be strong.  Standing on both legs, when doing Siu Lim Tao will develop the strength and balance of both legs and both sides of the body. At the same time we need to practise punching. If we are using Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁, it means we pull our fist back close to our chest or close to any part of the body. However we should still place our hand at the Centre as we need to learn how to use the centre of our body and move from the whole body. Now we can punch forward towards our target. When we are punching we should punch the air and we should try to punch from the whole body. We should not punch too quickly and we should punch continuously, one after another. We need to be able to feel the punch as the power comes up through our legs, passes the waist, comes to the body and then reaches our fist. Do not punch to hard, we should be gentle and light otherwise we can damage our elbow and shoulder joints. When we punch lightly we can feel the body. We want the power to come up from the legs, to the waist, to the body and reaching out to the hands.  Remember, training is not like fighting, they are very different things.

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