Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 304

Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁 and Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁 – Part 6

Wing Chun One Inch Punch
Master Tse training Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁

We can also practise the Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁 in this same way. To do this we should hold the position, as we do in Síu Lihm Tào 小念頭. Now extend one hand forwards into the Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng position and then we do the Faat Gihng 發勁. There is very little movement, and we can only see the wrist and forearm moving. We need to make sure that each punch comes from the legs. Usually we will train the left hand and left leg first, and then the right hand and right leg, that can create more power. You should be patient, but after training many times you will start to feel the punch and Chèunhg Kìuh coming from the legs and this is good. Remember, do not use too much power as it is not the right time yet, you need the strong legs first. Also do not hit anything otherwise you might hurt your arm. Then we will change the position by dropping the leg and making a Jun Mah stance, one leg forwards and the other back, with the weight on the back leg. So now we can practise Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng and Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng from this position. Each time we Faat Gihng we can move the waist so practise both hands and both legs, same hand and same leg at the front. Each Faat Gihng must come from the legs, then the waist, to the body and then to the fist

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