Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 305

Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁 and Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁 – Part 7

After practising our Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Gihng 長橋發勁 and Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁, our legs will become stronger, this usually takes about one  month. However this must be regular, daily practise and 15 to 30 minutes of Síu Lihm Tào 小念頭.

The following is being shared as a reference to the training methods, however you should not attempt any of the following methods without proper tuition from a qualified Tse Qigong Centre Wing Chun instructor.

Now that your legs are stronger, you can start training to hit something. Choose a wooden board, it can be thick or thin and then start to hit it. Of course, you should not try to break it, you should start hitting it gently about 100 times a day. I know students who have tried hitting a board too hard and then hurt their knuckles and skin. Once they have done this, they cannot continue training and have to wait until they have recovered, so begin by hitting the board gently. This training is not about breaking the board, but about making your knuckles stronger and the skin on them thicker. If you train well, then in the future you will not hurt your hand or break the skin when you hit the board harder. So, practise like this, gently at first, 100 times a day for a month in preparation for the next month’s training

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