Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 311

Yan Jéung 印掌, Jihk Jéung 直掌, Gahm Sáu 㩒手, Ngun Jéung 䟴掌 – Part 5

What is Ngun Jéung 䟴掌? Have you ever seen someone sitting on a chair and shaking one of their legs up and down? This movement is Ngun 䟴. However, it is not just shaking, it is also a kind of bouncing. So, Ngun Jéung means Shaking, Bouncing or Jerking Palm. When do we use Ngun Jéung? It is definitely when we are at close range and so it must be with Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Ging 長橋發勁. When you suddenly jerk you palm against your opponent’s chest they will lose their balance and if you use Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Ging with Ngun Jéung you will make you opponent lose their balance and can badly hurt them. Yan Jéung 印掌 and Jihk Jéung 直掌 can be used with either Chèunhg Kìuh Faat Ging or Dyún Kìuh Faat Gihng 短橋發勁, so all these palm strikes are very similar and when we hit someone with the palm we almost cannot tell which one we are using. They are all correct and in fact, no one will check which kind of palm strike we use to knock someone down, as along as it works! Only Gahm Sáu 㩒手, which is a holding hand is not used for attacking, it is only for defence.

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