Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #32

Waahng Jeung 横掌

Wing Chun Yan JeungWhen we use the palm to attack in Wing Chun, we have quite a few choices. The palm is only suitable for attacking for certain areas of the body. If we use the wrong palm strike to hit a certain area, we might actually hurt ourselves more than the opponent. One of the palm strikes that Wing Chun has is Yan Jeung, which is also called Ngun Jeung. This means straight vertical palm. Also we have Waahng Jeung and Dai Jeung.

This time we will talk about Waang Jeung which means side palm. With this hand, the fingers are facing out. If we attack left, we will use left hand. If we attack the right side, we will use right hand. Wen Cheng usually hits the side of jaw on the face, using the lower part of the palm. It can dislocate an opponent’s jaw so it is quite powerful.

Waang Jeung can also be used to hit the lower side part of the body in the liver and the spleen area. That kind of Waanhng Jeung we call Dai Waanhng Jeung 低横掌 (lower side palm).

Michael Tse

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