Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #36

Bun Pouh Paaih Jeung 半抱琶掌

Bun Pouh Paaih Jeung With Pou Paaih Jeung 抱琶掌 we use one Jihk Jeung 直掌 and one Dai Jeung 低掌. Either the left hand or the right hand can be the Jihk Jeung and the other is the Dai Jeung. We also have Half Pouh Paaih Jeung which is called Bun Pouh Paai Jeung 半抱琶掌. Bun means half. In this technique, one hand is Jihk Jeung and the other is Waahng Jeung.

Pouh Paai Jeung is used on the front of the opponent’s body. However, Bun Pouh Paaih Jueng is used on the side of the opponent’s body. For example, when our opponent punches at us we step to the side to avoid their punch, the hand closest to him will be Jihk Jeung, which we use on his shoulder, our other hand will be Waanhng Jeung, which we use on the side of their ribcage. Again we make contact with our fingers first and then we can use our full power, this will make them lose balance.

The best is to use a double Laap Sau to make our opponent fall forwards and then use our Bun Pouh Paaih Jeung. The opponent will definitely be off balance and so the harder they try to hit us the harder they will fall.

Michael Tse


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