Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #38

Note 38

Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung 横抱琶掌

Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung 横抱琶掌 is made up of two Waanhg Jeung which are used together so that both wrists are inside the fingers pointing outward. Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung is used against the lower part of the opponent’s body.

Each time we strike our opponent, we must make sure that our face and body are defended otherwise they will hit us first. When the Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung is used, we are doing Chi Sau and are in the position of both hands in Fuk Sau position. This means our hands are on the outside. When our opponent pushes forwards with their Taan Sau and Bong Sau, then we use Huen Sau very quickly to follow their energy to circle inside their hands, so they are now on the outside. We then change to Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung, which remember is made up of two Waanhg Jueng to strike the lower part of their torso. The strike should be very quick and powerful. If we choose to push, they will definitely lose balance and even bounce away. If we strike too hard with Waanhg Pouh Paaih Jeung, it will damage their liver and spleen so when we practise with our Chi Sau partner, we should not go too far and hurt anyone.

Michael Tse

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