Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #50

Seung Chi Sau – Changing from Inside to Outside

When we understand the four situations and the rolling techniques of the inside and outside hand positions, we must start to learn how to change from the inside hand to the outside hand and also from the outside hand back to the inside hand.

Wing Chun Note 50There are many people who know how to do Chi Sau 黐 and although they know how to roll the hands up and down a lot of them do not get the hand positions right. Also I have not seen anyone, with previous Chi Sau experience, who has come to my class, know how to change inside and outside properly. It seems this skill is becoming lost and so we must get this knowledge back and get it right.

It is best to start to learn how to change from inside to outside first. The inside hands are Taan Sau攤手and Bong Sau膀手. In this situation we only ever change from the Taan Sau, we never change from the Bong Sau. The change to the outside must happen while the hands are rolling and so it means the timing must be right.

Whilst your Taan Sau is still in contact with the opponent’s lower Fuk Sau 伏手, and he is expecting you to roll normally back up to Bong Sau, you rotate your wrist outwards around his wrist. While you do this you must keep in contact with this Fuk Sau and continue to move upwards. Your opponent should automatically change his Fuk Sau to a Bong Sau. So now you have an upper Fuk Sau and he has a Bong Sau, both hands are now in the upper position.

The other hands should have rolled down into the lower position and you should have maintained the inside, so you have a Taan Sau and he has a Lower Fuk Sau. Remember you never change both hands to the inside or both hands to the outside at the same time.

Michael Tse

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