Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #53

Gwo Sau 過手

Wing Chun Note 53Once we know how to be safe when rolling arms, how to change from inside outside and from outside to inside, then we know how to Chi Sau. Now we should start to Gwo Sau. “Gwo過” means “Passing Over”. So “Gwo Sau過手”means “Passing Over Hands”. The hands pass over, it also means we are fighting each other.

During Chi Sau we try to keep in contact with each other so your opponent can attack you and then you can defend, but we must maintain our Wing Chun techniques. We cannot suddenly use different hands, like a hook punch, a head butt or Qinna擒拿(Grabbing and Locking) because Chi Sau is not fighting it is training. Both students practise Chi Sau to learn from each other. One attacks and the other defends. The best is to always use less energy to defend and attack the opponent. We should remember we only use our energy when we are close to our target and not before, otherwise our opponent can use our energy against us.

Michael Tse

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