Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #75

Baat Cham Dao 八斬刀

Wing Chun Baat Chaam DaoThe Baat Cham Dao 八斬刀 are unique weapons and perfect for Wing Chun practitioners. “Baat 八” mean” Eight”, “Cham 斬” means “Chop” and “Dao 刀” means “Knife” or “Broadsword”. So the form has eight knife techniques. It is a short knife, which when we are holding it and flip it over, the tip of the blade should come to the point of our elbow. The width is 3 inches at the hand and 3 ½ inches at its widest point.

The eight techniques are:

  1. Gap Dao 夾刀
  2. Laap Dao 擸刀
  3. Taan Dao 攤刀
  4. Gaan Dao 格刀
  5. Kwun Dao 捆刀
  6. Yat Ji Dao 一字刀
  7. Man Dao 問刀
  8. Kup Da0 及刀

All these techniques have their foundation in the hand techniques of Wing Chun, for example Taan Dao攤刀 is like Taan Sau攤手and Laap Dao擸刀 is like Laap Sau. Gaan Dao格刀is like Gaan Sau格手, Man Dao問刀 is like Man Sau問手 and Kup Dao及刀is like Kup Jarn及. This means that we need to have finished Biu Zi標指 before we can do the Baat Cham Dao and so this is the last skill we should learn.

Michael Tse

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