Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #103

Story of Ip Man Studing Wing Chun 葉問學習詠春的故事 Part 3

Ip Man stance 103Although Ip Man was only 7 years old, he listed to his teacher Chan Wah Shun陳華順 and worked very hard. When he was 13 years old his teacher became very ill, he called up Ip Man and the most Senior student Ng Chun So吴仲素 to his bed, told Ng Chun So carried on looking after little Ip Man and continue his Wing Chun study. Then soon Chan Wah Shun Sifu passed away. By then, there were not many of Chan Wah Shun’s students still training. There were Liu Yu Chai雷汝濟, Ng Shiu Lo吴小魯and Ho Han Liu何漢侣. Only Sihing師兄(The older Wing Chun brother)Ng Chun So had begun teaching Wing Chun and so it meant that in Foshan, Wing Chun began with Leung Jan梁贊, then passed to Chan Wah Shun and then on to Ng Chun So.

So Ip Man went to his Sihing’s school to continue his Wing Chun. Ip Man continued to work hard and picked this up very well. At that time two other students, who were also very good for Wing Chun, were studying with Ng Chun So. They were Yuen Kei San阮奇山 and Yiu Choi姚才. Ip Man, Yuen Kei San and Yiu Choi were a similar age and liked to practise together. People started to call them Three Heroes of Wing Chun詠春三雄.

Michael Tse

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