Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #106

Story of Ip Man studying Wing Chun 葉問學習詠春的故事 Part 6

Note 106That afternoon, after school, Fung told Ip Man about his uncle and how he was also from Foshan and knew Kung Fu.

Ip Man accompanied Fung to his house, where Fung’s uncle was already there. Ip Man thought Fung’s uncle was between 40 and 50 years old and he seemed very gentle as he sat drinking tea. When he saw Ip Man, Fung’s uncle straight away said, “I hear you study Wing Chun. How long have you been studying?” Ip Man paid respects to Fung’s uncle as a senior and answered, “Just a few years.” Fung’s uncle kept asking questions, “Who do you study with?” Ip Man replied, “My teacher is Chan Wah Shun陳華順!” Fung’s uncle smiled and said, “That is good!” and continued to ask, “Do you know how to do Chi Sau黐手?” Ip Man replied politely, “Yes I know.”

Fung’s uncle smiled and said, “Shall we practise Chi Sau together? I also know some Wing Chun as well.” Ip Man had no fear. He was one the “Three Heroes” and he wanted to experience other people’s Chi Sau as well.

Fung’s uncle stood up and held out his arms to roll with Ip Man. Ip Man suddenly did not feel right and began to feel afraid.

Michael Tse

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