Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #109

Story of Ip Man Studying Wing Chun葉問學習詠春的故事 Part 9

Note 101After three days, Uncle contacted Ip Man and invited him to come and see him again. Ip Man was very happy to hear from Uncle as he wanted to find out how his Wing Chun skill was so good. He also thought he might be able to learn some skill from him.

When they met up, Uncle looked at Ip Man and smiled. Then in a kind tone he said, “Actually your Wing Chun skill is not bad, your basic skill is clear.” Ip Man looked at him a little surprised as he had not expected him to say that. Uncle continued, “Do you want to reach a high level of Wing Chun?” Ip Man’s eyes sparkled brightly because that was exactly what he wanted. However he was just a student, all his money, which was his family’s money, had gone to his school and he did not have any of his own. He answered, “I can’t pay you.” Uncle smiled even more and said, “I don’t need you to pay me, I need you to listen to me and then you can study harder. When you have finished and return to Foshan, you need to tell them all that you learnt this skill from Leung Bik, I don’t think anyone can handle you.”

Michael Tse

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