Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #11

Basic Hands

When we study Wing Chun we must learn 3 basic hands which are very important.

  1. Taan Sau 攤手 – Opening Hand

Taan Sau opens from the centre of the chest so this means the movement is from inside to outside. We use it to block and for making the first contact if we are not touching our opponent’s hands. It is the most common and basic hand that we learn first before the other hands.

Wing Chun Basic Hands - Taan Sau

  1. Fuk Sau伏手 – Resting Hand

This hand we use when we already have contact with our opponent. It is a very relaxed hand which allows us to read our opponent’s energy and reactions. If we are relaxed and can read our opponent, then we can respond correctly to them.


Wing Chun Fuk Sau

  1. Bong Sau 膀手 – Wing or Side Arm

In this hand the forearm is relaxed and the upper arm is firm. Because the elbow is up, it is like a wing. We use the forearm to contact the opponent so we can feel their attack and their strength and we use the Bong Sau to divert it to the side. It is different from the other hands which come out from the centre as the Bong Sau comes out from the side. These three basic hands are very important and we must know them well. If we can manage them well our Wing Chun skill cannot be bad. However, from my experience, there is also a fourth basic hand that must be good and this hand is Wu Sau 護手.

Wing Chun basic hands


Michael Tse


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