Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #113

The Story of Ip Man Studying Wing Chun 葉問學習詠春的故事  Part 13

note-113Each time Ip Man went to visit Uncle Leung Bik梁璧, he learnt more about Chi Sau黐手 from him. Leung Bik told him, “Chi Su is the most important part of Wing Chun training, but Forms are combine some of the skills to make movements, so then you practise all the techniques and you will not forget them. The more you practise your forms the better your techniques will become, however without Chi Sau you still do not know how to use them. Every time we Chi Sau the situation is different, nothing will repeat exactly the same as last time. This is because you and your partner will improve. Even myself I will improve so there is no limit to your development. Also the more hands we Chi Sau with the better you will be.” Leung Bik continued to explain, “When I learned Wing Chun, my father taught me and I practised with my brother. That was fun. Then my brother decided to focus more on medicine and became a Chinese Medicine Doctor. Although my father taught both medicine and Kung Fu, my brother preferred medicine and I preferred Wing Chun more. So apart from my father, I did not have many people to practise with. So I practised on the Wooden Dummy more. My father’s skill was very high and so I reached a very good level, but I still think that I am not good enough. Also I like to think about the Wing Chun skill there is deep philosophy in it .”

Michael Tse

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