Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #117

Wing Chun Note 117 Story of Ip Man Studying Wing Chun葉問學習詠春的故事 Part 17

note-117“One red spot in the centre of China (this means it is a very important thing in Chinese Kung Fu World). Do not teach and tell the bad people about it. If you teach and tell them, then it will cause your own death and blood will flow from your eyes, nose, ears and mouth

中原—點紅,不對無義說,若對無義説,七孔皆流血.” Ip Man listened as Uncle Leung Bik recited this poem and although he did not understand what it meant, he knew it was a very important skill that should not easily be passed down to anyone. For this reason, Ip Man paid very close attention to what Uncle Leung Bik was saying.

“Now I am going to teach you this high-level Wing Chun skill which involves hitting the certain acupuncture points – Wing Chun Dim Yuht 詠春點穴. Certain acupuncture points are very serious, one hit can kill a person. Other points, one hit can make them weak and powerless, some points can cause pain and other points can make them unconscious. So this poem tell us the rules for learning and teaching this skill. Now get down on your knees and recite the poem I just told you, to swear to heaven that you will not teach anyone who has a bad heart, otherwise you will have a very bad fate!”

Ip Man knelt down and recited the poem out loud and took on this responsibility and even by  the end of his life he never taught one single person this Wing Chun Dim Yuht skill.

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