Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #16

One Inch Punch 寸勁

Wing Chun One Inch PunchAnybody who trains martial arts, and even some who do not, have heard the name “One inch punch”. This was one of the techniques made famous by Bruce Lee 李小龍 that impressed so many western martial artists. Actually this is one of Wing Chun’s powerful techniques. Its proper name is Long Bridge Releasing Power, Cheong Kiu Fa Ging長橋發勁. Cheong長 means long, Kiu 橋 means bridge. Long Bridge means the arm is extended out. In Chinese Kung Fu we call the forearm— the Bridge Hand. Because when we are fighting it is common for the forearms to contact together like a bridge between the two opponents. Fa 發 means release and Ging 勁 means internal power.

Cheong Kiu Fa Ging means that when the arm is extended out we can still release power to hit the opponent. To do this all we need is relaxation, then we can release power again without withdrawing the hand. Most people when they punch they need to withdraw their fist and then punch forwards, but we can release power without withdrawing the fist. This means we are able to reach the opponent much quicker. Normally, over a short distance there is no power, but with internal training we can release a lot of power from a short distance. This is the one inch punch 寸勁.

Michael Tse

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