Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #168

Double Bóng Sáu 雙膀手 – Pt2

Since both hands fingers are face each other we cannot redirect the opponent’s energy to both sides, so the Soft Low Bóng Sáu has a square on position, face to face with the opponent and no Jyun Mah 轉馬. They are a bit like the Dai Bóng Sáu 低膀手 in Tsum Kiu尋橋 but they are hard. When using the Soft Double Dai Bong we need to keep a good distance that is far enough away so the opponent cannot hit us. This is very important since our hands are lower than our opponent’s hands, then the opponent will have to step forwards to try and hit us. So in this situation we need to keep a further distance and then relax our Double Bóng Sáu and wait for the opponent’s reaction. If he or she comes in to hit us and breaks the contact with one of our hands we will change that hand to a Tāan Sáu 攤手 which defends their attack. If he or she gives us more pressure on the Bóng Sáu then that Bóng Sáu will let go and the hand will come back up to hit their face. So this is actually a good safe position if you can do it well.

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