Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #179

Ancestor Instruction III 詠春祖訓 – Pt2

The second part of the third Ancestor Instruction is, “Unite and enjoy being a group 團結樂羣.”  As a group, a Wing Chun school under the same Sīfú 師父 we should unite and enjoy being together as a group.  When we love Wing Chun training and have a good Sīfú who we want to study with, and the Sīfú has a lot of students then we should be united and enjoy being together.  We cannot love the skill and not like the teacher or the group of people. Of course, we cannot make everybody like us, but we should be united behind the direction of the group and all have the same main idea.

When we think of the group as a family we will do everything together to improve our skill and this is what makes it so much fun.  We all need to join a certain group at some time in our lives. It might be our family, at work or a neighbourhood.  We all need to get along and help each other and care for each other.  This makes everyone much happier and as Meng Zi 孟子 said, “Enjoying by myself is never as good as enjoying with the group 獨樂樂不如與眾樂樂”.”  This has always been my way to gain happiness.


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