Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #18

Relaxation and Ging

Wing Chun Internal TrainingGing 勁 is internal power as it comes from the inside, from the legs to the waist, the body and then finally to the hand. We know we need to connect to the body together to make the perfect position and this will allow us to use Ging. When we release power we call it Fa Ging 發勁. Fa 發 means release. Ging Means Power 勁
To make every part of the body work well together, we must relax. If we relax, there are no blockages or stiffness then when we use the Ging it will be smooth. So relaxation is the key to Ging. Many people can be very strong, but they do not know how to use Ging with the whole body together. Most just use their upper body or arm’s energy.  However, if the upper body movement does not match and relate to rest of the body and legs, it will create imbalance and punch will not be powerful enough and can make us lose balance.  If we are fighting with someone who has high level and our power is not being used with the whole body, they can even use our energy or control us.

If we want to have good Ging which we can use properly, then we need to learn how to relax. Once we can do this, then we can use all our power.

Michael Tse

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