Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #19

Gong Ging剛勁and Yauh Ging柔勁

There are two kinds of Ging. One is Gong Ging 剛勁, which means strong and the other is Yauh Ging柔勁, which means soft. I said previously that Ging can be fast or slow, can go in any direction and is internal. It can also be strong or soft.

Wing Chun Gong Ging and Yauh GingWhen we hit a target with all our power, we hit it very hard. Of course, if that target is a person then they will be hurt and even badly injured so we should only use this power when we really need to defend ourself, not when training Chi Sau.

When we use all our internal power that is Gong Ging, no matter if we are using a punch, palm or a Pek劈(chop). When we are in contact with our opponent and their strength is coming towards us, we can use their energy and redirect it. We call this Yauh Ging.

Bong Sau膀手, Laap Sau擸手, Jaht Sau窒手, Tok Sau托手, Biu Ji標指are all Yauh Ging techniques.

After we have directed their energy we can add our own Gong Ging. This is like doing Bong Sau, Laap Sau and Pek and the Yauh Ging is very powerful. Yauh Ging is very hard to develop. You need to do a lot of Chi Sau and you must have good relaxation, sensitivity and footwork. Many other styles of Chinese Kung Fu also have Gong Ging and Yauh Ging.

Michael Tse

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