Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #212

Staying Away from the Attack

I have come across people who do not like to engage when they Chī Sáu. Every time they feel that an attack might come they stay away from the situation. This means we cannot interact in our Chī Sáu. Of course many people do not like to get hit, who does? But if we chose to Chī Sáu with a partner, we should trust each other not to really hit each other. Just a touch or a gentle slap to let us know we have been hit is enough and so we should allow of partner to hit us. If we cannot defend ourselves, then we need to learn how we got hit and what the solution is. This is the best way to learn. If I find someone who always stays away from any attack, I will use Laap Sáu to grasp their hand and pull them back in and so they eventually get hit by me.

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