Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #213

Pulling Back the Hand

Some people like to pull their hand back whenever they are grasped. This is actually not a good idea. Pulling away from your opponent’s hand means you do not want to be held down and so you try and pull your hand out. Whilst you are doing this it gives your opponent more chances to control you. You might not be able to escape their control the first time, but you will not escape the second time, and your opponent will hold you even tighter. Then you cannot pull back and you will be hit even harder.

The best way to respond is to relax the hand that is being held. If one hand is being held, then use your other hand to attack them, then the hold will release and you can use that hand to attack. If both your hands are being held then keep a distance from your opponent so that they cannot hit you without stepping or leaning forwards. Wait for them to attack as they have to release one hand and they you can use the hand they have released to defend yourself. So facing they problem is the best way to solve it!


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