Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #23

Bong Sau 膀手 Wu Sau 護手, Laap Sau

Wing Chun Bong Sau Wu SauIn form Tsum Kiu 尋橋 we have the position where we use a Bong Sau 膀手and a Wu Sau 護手. We do this with Jyun Ma 轉馬and also Waahng Ma 横馬, so there are a lot of situations where we use Bong Sau and Wu Sau. Basically, every time we lift up a Bong Sau and only contact one hand, our other hand must be a Wu Sau. The only exception is when we have both hands in contact with our opponent’s hands. The most common position is where we have one hand in contact which is the Bong Sau and the Wu Sau can change to Laap Sau in order to grasp the opponent’s hand. Then the Bong Sau can come from below to chop his neck. Of course we can also punch but from my experience the chop is better.
Of all the Laap Sau techniques this is the most common and it is very powerful and effective as long as you get the timing right. To do this, first of all you must feel your opponent’s hand on your Bong Sau, then we must use the Laap Sau quickly and powerfully to jerk their hand down very quickly, then, while still holding the opponent’s hand, we chop. The chop must be powerful and fast and must follow immediately. If the timing is right, then usually the opponent cannot defend it and this makes it a very effective technique.

Michael Tse

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