Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #24

Double Laap Sau 擸手

I have said before that when we use Laap Sau 擸手we should not use the thumb when we use the hand to grasp our opponent. However, in certain occasions we will use the thumb and this is when we really want to pull or push the opponent’s hand.

Wing Chun Laap SauFor example, when our opponent punches us, we can use Taan Sau 攤手to reach his hand. The Taan Sau must be light but good enough to feel their hand and our position should not be too close and not too far, just right to get a good contact.

The Taan Sau can then change to a Laap Sau to grab the lower arm with the palm facing downwards and the Wu Sau 護手will change to Laap Sau to grab the upper arm with the palm up.

Both hands will grab using all the fingers and the thumb. At the same time both hands will suddenly pull the opponent downwards, making him lose his balance. At that time, we can attack his face with a punch, elbow. Sometimes we can use Pouh Paaih Jeung (Double Pushing Palms) to make them completely lose their balance and fall. We must make sure to let go of both Laap Saus once our opponent has lost balance.

Double Laap Sau is a very powerful technique, but one word of warning about using the elbow to hit, this is a very dangerous attack and so we should not use it on our Wing Chun brothers and sisters in training Chi Sau together.

Michael Tse

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