Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #26

What To Do When We Have No Hands Free

A common question about Chi Sau 黐手, especially during a Tse Qigong Centre Chi Sau Day is, “What should we do if someone is holding both our hands down?” In this situation, the danger is that they will be able to hit us. If they are only holding one of hands, then we still have one hand free to defend ourselves, but if they are holding two hands, often they will cross our hands. In this case, what should we do?

Wing Chun hard and soft lap sauIn this situation we need to keep as much distance from them as possible. That distance should be so that when they let go of one hand they cannot touch us without stepping or leaning forwards. Secondly we must relax so we can feel their hands. Then when they pull one hand away to hit us we can immediately step back and turn slightly sideways. This way we will have one hand free to defend ourselves. When we relax and do not panic then we will know when our opponent is going to try and hit us. If they do not do anything, then we need to be patient and wait because we also cannot do anything. Sometime patience is one of best ways to win.

Michael Tse

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