Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #31

Long Fist Punch 長拳

We all know that in Wing Chun Kuen 詠春拳 there is no Long Fist Punch 長拳. What is a Long Fist? A Long Fist Punch is a punch that starts from the waist then punches forward to the shoulder level (but sometimes can be little bit lower) with the fist ending up horizontal with the palm facing downward.

Wing Chun Long FistIn Wing Chun we do not have a Long Fist Punch. But in most Chinese Kung Fu there is a lot Long Fist Punching. Because it teaches us how to us the body to punch, each punch comes from the waist and is support by the stance. This is very good for the base punch and learning how to move the body properly but it is for long distance fighting. In Wing Chun we only focus on the close distance. It is because at the end of fighting we need to be close to hurt the others. With a long distance, Wing Chun does not commit with the opponent and we wait until we can get close.

Having said that, in Wing Chun Pole, Luhk Dim Bun Gwan 六點半棍, we have Long Fist Punching training because it is good for building strength. The Wing Chun Pole is heavy and is over nine feet long. In order to use it well, we need to be strong enough to handle and apply the techniques.

In Wing Chun Pole history it was Wong Wah Bo 黄華寶 who taught Leung Yee Tai 梁二娣 the Baat Jam Dao 八斬刀. In return, Leung Yee Tai taught Wong Wah Bo Luhk Dim Bun Gwan. From that time onwards, Leung Jan taught Wing Chun Pole to all his students and this tradition has carried on even today and Wing Chun students still practise the Wing Chun Pole.

In the warm up of the pole we practise Long Fist Punching first for building up strength. Then we build up power. The pole is obviously a man’s skill. In the Wing Chun Pole Warm up we have Horse Stance 馬步 and then punch both left and right sides while still in Horse Stance. When we punch, we must move the waist not just the arms so that the punch will come from the body. This is the proper way to train.

Michael Tse

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