Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #37

Jihk Pouh Paaih Jeung 直抱琶掌

Note 37For Pouh Paaih Jeung we use both palms to strike. We can also uses both Jihk Jeung 直掌 to strike our opponent. Not only this, we can use the palms to push our opponent’s chest, so it can be both a strike and a push. In Chi Sau, when we are inside, we can change both our hands to a double Taan Sau and then strike forward with a double Jihk Jeung to the opponent’s chest. A little higher on the chest is better as this will ensure that he will lose his balance.

We can also use Jihk Pouh Paaih Jeung on the side of our opponent’s body. For example, when he punches at us we can use Taan Sau to receive it and then change to Double Laap Sau to pull him down. When we let go, we can step around about 45 degrees behind our opponent and push him. This will definitely make him lose balance and most likely fall down heavily.

Jihk Pouh Paaih Jeung is best used to the back and side so that both palms push the upper back. This is one of my favourite techniques I like to use to push the opponent away. The amount of power we use is up to us. The more power we use, the more serious the damage we will cause and with the less power we use, then we will just make them lose their balance.

Michael Tse

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