Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #40

Chaan Pek 剷劈

Note 40When we use the Pek劈 we use it from inside to outside, but we can also use it from outside to inside. Is a little bit like Gaan Sau挌手, but instead of using the forearm we use the wrist area on the small finger side. We strike with the area of the wrist as the “normal” Pek, the only difference is we chop from the outside whereas normally we chop from the inside. We call this Chaan Pek剷劈. It is a bit like Chaan Sau剷手 (Muht Sau沫手) at the end of Siu Lim Tao. Chaan means shovel, so Chaan Pek means shovel chop. It is also a bit like Waang Jeung 横掌 we chop instead of using the palm to strike.

For example, if our opponent punches at us, we can block his hand with Taan Sau攤手 as we are on the inside, then we can change Taan Sau to be Chaan Pek to attack his neck. Also if we are in the outside position of the opponent, when he punches us, we block him with Taan Sau and change to be Laap Sau擸手 then Chaan Pek with the other hand. If we want to use Pek well, we need to train both sides of Pek.

Michael Tse

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