Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #42

Daan Chi Sau,單黐手

Daan Chi SauWhen we learn anything we must always start with the basics. In Chi Sau黐手, the basic level is Daan Chi Sau. Daan means single, so Daan Chi Sau means single sticking hand. Before we practise with both hands we must practise with one hand first.

We begin with Hoi Ma 開馬. Hoi開means open and ma means stance. Hoi is different to Taan 攤 like in Taan Sau攤手. Hoi is opening anything, whereas Taan is opening from inside out and laying it flat. Once we open the stance we do not move the body, only the hand can move and we should pay particular attention to keeping the shoulders, waist and head still and in the correct position.

One partner begins with Taan Sau and the other places his Fuk Sau伏手 on top of the Taan Sau. The Taan Sau then changes to attack with Jihk Jeung 直掌 while the Fuk Sau responds with Jam Sau 枕手 to press the attack down and level. The Jam Sau then changes to Chung Kuen 沖拳(Punch) and the Jihk Jeung responds with Bong Sau 膀手. The Bong Sau then changes back to Taan Sau, and the Chung Kuan changes to be Fuk Sau, and then the sequence repeats again and again. After a while the partners then swop over.

Daan Chi Sau is used for practising Taan Sau, Bong Sau, Fuk Sau and Jam Sau techniques properly, but not only this we learn how to respond with sensitivity and timing with an opponent. You take it in turns as on partner attacks and the other defends and so you are able to repeat the techniques and train together.

Michael Tse

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