Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #43

Distance of Daan Chi Sau 單黐手

Note 43When we begin to practise Dan Chi Sau we must be aware of the distance between our opponent and ourselves. When we stand to face each other we must ensure that our elbows are in the correct position which is two fists away from the body. This will give us enough space so that we can change to different hand techniques, but even more importantly this distance ensures that when our opponent attacks us, he cannot touch us without leaning forwards, turning a lot or stepping forward. Then we will have enough time to move and change hands. We must get used to this distance as in all the Chi Sau we do in the future, we try to maintain this distance.

The second important thing we must maintain that keep contact with the opponent’s wrist with our wrist. This will again give us enough space to move and step back. If the opponent moves his hand past our wrist, inside our hand, then it means he can attack us at any time. Of course, we can do the same to them but we must not let him do that to us.

Michael Tse

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