Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #49

Seung Chi Sau 黐手 – Four Situations with a Partner

What are the four situations with a partner in Chi Sau? After we have done solo practice we need to pair up and try with another person.

 1st Situation

We use Taan Sau 攤手 and Bong Sau 膀手 and our opponent uses Lower and Upper Fuk Sau 伏手.

2nd Situation

We use Upper and Lower Fuk Sau and our opponent uses Bong Sau and Taan Sau.

3rd Situation

Our right hand does Taan Sau and Bong Sau and the left does Upper and Lower Fuk Sau. The opponent’s right hand does Upper and Lower Fuk Sau and the left hand does Taan Sau and Bong Sau.

4th Situation

Our right hand will change to Upper Fuk Sau and Lower Fuk Sau and our left hand will change from Taan Sau and Bong Sau. Our opponent’s right hand does Bong Sau/ Taan Sau and the left hand does Lower Fuk Sau/ Upper Fuk Sau.

Seung Chi Sau 2Remember we need to roll the hands. Taan Sau changes to Bong Sau and Bong Sau changes to Taan Sau. We need to continue to roll hands like this. Upper Fuk Sau changes to Lower Fuk Sau and then changes back to Upper Fuk Sau and we should continue like this.

Taan Sau is always matched to the opponent’s Lower Fuk Sau and Bong Sau is always with the opponent’s Upper Fuk Sau and vice versa.

The most important thing is getting the positions right and to relax. Do not put much pressure on the hands, otherwise both you and partner will feel tension and heaviness when rolling the hands. Practice these four situations until you are familiar with them. Then the next step is to learn how to change from inside hand to outside hand and outside hand to inside hand. We must practice all these situations and changes before we can do Gwo Sau 過手 (which means fighting in Chi Sau)

Michael Tse

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