Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #57

Outside Paak Sau外門拍手

Double pak sauAfter we have learnt how to attack from the outside using Gaau Cha Sau 交叉手 and from the inside using inside Paak Sau 拍手, we should learn how attack when we have one hand in contact.

When we are doing Chi Sau 黐手 we must learn how to move to change the distance between us on our opponent. Sometimes we are close to each other and have two hands in contact and sometime we are at a distance with one hand in contact. In one hand contact the most common situation is when both opponents have their right forearms touching, also with their right leg forwards and the left leg at the back. The left hand is held as a Wu Sau 護手.

In this situation, we can change the Wu Sau to be Paak Sau to slap their forearm, while quickly stepping forwards and punching at the opponent’s face with the right hand. So we move from a long distance to a close distance in order to be able to reach the opponent. This technique needs to be done quickly so the opponent might not be able to block it with his Wu Sau.

Michael Tse

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