Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #66

Taan Sau, Fuk Sau Must be Correct

Wing Chun Note 66 - Taan Sau and Fuk SauWe must be good at the four major hand techniques of Wing Chun: Taan Sau攤手, Bong Sau膀手, Fuk Sau伏手and Wu Sau護手. Of these techniques Taan Sau is the most common as in some ways it is the easiest to do right. It needs to be quick when we use it and we also need to be precise. Anytime we need it, it must shoot out to the right position and it must contact the right position of the opponent’s forearm. This must become a habit and to do this takes a lot of Chi Sau黐手.

Fuk Sau must also be perfect and must contact the opponent’s wrist. The palm needs to be relaxed. When we touch we must be able to read the opponent’s energy and so we must wait for the right time to react. This is difficult for some beginners as they can be nervous when someone is trying to attack them. However, we must learn how to relax when we use Fuk Sau. Often letting the opponent attack first will give us an advantage of the opportunity to hit back. Let the opponent do whatever they want and then use that and make it to our advantage.

Michael Tse

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