Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #68

Bong Sau 膀手 Energy

Wing Chun Bong SauBong Sau 膀手 is one of the 4 major hand techniques of Wing Chun. It takes many years to master because it needs to be soft. It is always easier to make the body hard and strong since we just need to train it. However, when training just to be strong and powerful we cannot guarantee there will be no injuries. This is the thing, many people want to be powerful, but they end up injured.

Wing Chun can be powerful, but it takes time to train it in order not to cause injury. Anybody who wants to be strong and powerful in a very short time will more than likely injure themselves and unfortunately many people who train martial arts do this.

Coming back to Bong Sau, it needs to be relaxed, particularly the forearm and hand. Each time we use it we need to just perfectly contact our opponent’s hand just a little bit above our wrist. We must not use any force to oppose any strength that comes to our Bong Sau and instead avoid it. We must also know how to use the Bong Sau when we have two hands in contact as we can be closer to our opponent, but once we only use one hand with the Bong Sau in contact with our opponent, the distance must be further away. At the same time, our Wu Sau 護手 must be at the centre of our position. In this way the Bong Sau is one of the Wing Chun’s perfect techniques.

Michael Tse

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