Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #69

Wu Sau 護手 Application

Wing Chun One Inch PunchWhen we have one hand in contact, for example when we are using Bong Sau 膀手, we must also have a Wu Sau護手 at the centre of our body at the same time. Wu Sau is very important when we have one hand in contact or even if we have no contact at all. Therefore we must know the Wu Sau well. Wu Sau protects our body, it is our guard and it needs to do a good job.

Wu Sau can be held in many distances from the body. The longest is when the arm is almost fully extended, but the arm cannot be straight, so it means that elbow must not be locked. The shortest Wu Sau, the wrist must not be any closer than two fists away from the body. It is our guard and so it should be able to move around. Its only duty is to protect the centre of our body and this depends on how we stand. If we are standing squarely in front of our opponent, then the centre of the body is a vertical line which divides the body into half, but if we stand to the side then the forward side of the chest becomes the centre of the body. We must protect the centre of the body because if the centre of the body is hit we will lose our balance, and once we lose our balance everything is over. Therefore if anything comes to our centre our Wu Sau will come out and it may change to Taan Sau 攤手, Laap Sau擸手 etc. in order to receive our opponent’s attack. Wu Sau is particularly important in a real fight where there is no contact. Each time we use Wu Sau we must find the perfect position.

Michael Tse

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