Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #72

Learn in the Correct Order

Seung Chi Sau 2We have three bare hand forms. Siu Lim Tao(Siu Nihm Tauh)小念頭 is the basic foundation and teaches us the basic skill, energy and applications. Tsum Kiu(Chahm Kiuh)尋橋 is for footwork training and Biu Zi 標指trains long and short distance skills.

We can see that these forms have their own training purpose and we must learn them in the proper order. We must practise Siu Lim Tao first and when we are good at it we can learn Tsum Kiu. The last is Biu Jee. We cannot learn Tsum Kiu without having learnt Siu Lim Tao and we cannot learn Biu Jee first. It is like a building, we must being with the foundation. I have heard of people learning the three forms from videos and studying by themselves in few months. This is a very bad thing to do. It takes long time to master one form. Any videos should be used as a reference to help with your study. When we are beginner’s level, we cannot tell which video or skill are correct and so we are easily attracted to the ones we think look nice, use a lot of strength or are performed very fast. The real skill however, is gentle and we sometimes cannot even see it and does not look fancy, but when we have a Sifu to study with we can really understand the meanings behind and the principle of the skills.

Michael Tse

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