Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #83

Empty the Mind

Note 83aIt is very difficult to empty the mind. This is one of the main aims in Buddhist and Daoist training and it is not easy.

All Chinese skill relates to Qi氣, the energy which flows inside our bodies that makes us healthy and strong. All traditional Chinese Kung Fu starts with training the Qi. The first part of Siu Lim Tao小念頭 is internal training內功, it is Qigong氣功. It trains and develops the Qi because without strong Qi you will not be strong, and in fighting we need to have a strong body. Therefore we need strong Qi as Strength and Qi are related.

How do we develop Qi? We need to relax. In Siu Lim Tao, once we have opened the stance we do not move it during the entire form. The first part in particular we need to practice very slowly. We need to slowly move the hands when we perform Taan Sau攤手, Fuk Sau伏手and Wu Sau護手. When we do not move very much it is easy for our minds to become very active. No matter what we think we must not move the body and continue moving very slowly and focus on what we are doing until all those thoughts do not bother us. At the end we will enjoy standing and we might also feel some sensations inside the body. This is the Qi moving and after practising more you will eventually be able to empty the mind.

Michael Tse

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