Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #84


Note 84When you have been practising Siu Lim Tao小念頭 for long enough and you can easily stand for 15 minutes, you will start to notice more about your body. You will feel good and your eyesight, mind and hearing will all become better.

At this point a lot of people start to think about their breathing. How should we breathe during Siu Lim Tao? We should breathe naturally, if we need to breathe in, then we breathe in, and if we need to breathe out, then we breathe out. Everything should be natural. This is Chinese philosophy, we should follow nature. In Chinese we call this Dao 道. Dao has a way to fix everything and keep everything going. In the beginning we might find that we do not breathe very much, then when we relax more the breathing might become stronger, or sometimes it might become very fast. After a while, the breathing might even slow down and then later on may speed up again. Just like weather, sometimes is sunny day, sometimes is raining day, all are about to balance the atmosphere of the nature.

No matter whether the breathing is fast or slow we must just keep relaxed and breathe naturally. You should not worry about these things and just focus on the relaxation. Then you will find the body feels very good and you will feel many different sensations. Practise the form properly, stand longer if you can, then your Qi develop and also your Gong Lihk功力 will develop as well.

Michael Tse

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