Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #90

Siu Lim Tao Part 3 – Gaan Sau 挌

Note 90The second application in part 3 of Siu Lim Tao is Gaan Sau. Gaan Sau is rarely used because it comes from a lost contact. When we are practising Chi Sau we are in contact all the time and if we lose contact we catch the hand back using Laap Sau擸手 or Taan Sau攤手, even Fuk Sau伏手or Bong Sau膀手. These hands control the opponent’s energy and have a lighter contact. We all know that the more energy or strength we use the more our opponent can use against us. So we do not want to hit our opponent’s hands hard.

Gaan Sau has a harder contact, but even so we must learn how to use it as it is will be used more in actual fighting as people’s hands do not usually stick together. However once we make contact we must be able to read our opponent energy immediately and use the energy and situation to hit them back. Fighting is fast and has no rules, so we need to end it quickly and whether we harm the opponent in the end is up to us. You have to expect that your opponent will not hold back so the Gaan Sau is used to block the opponent’s attack and the Huen Sau 圈手 is used to get inside them and using the lower side palm Dai Jeung低掌 is a good counter attack. Gaan Sau also has both upper and lower blocks and covers all attacks.

Michael Tse

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