Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #92

Siu Lim Tao Part 3 – Bong Sau 膀手Taan Sau攤手

Note 92bContinuing in Part 3 of Siu Lim Tao, after the Bong Sau 膀手 we change to Taan Sau 攤手 and then Dai Jeung 低掌. The entire application comes from using the Bong Sau to contact the opponent’s opposite hand. For example they punch with their left hand. We use the left Bong Sau to make a light contact with their punch. We then turn and change the Bong Sau into Taan Sau, which now faces their centre. At this time is good to use our right Wu Sau護手 to control the elbow of their punching hand, and the Taan Sau changes to Dai Jeung to hit their stomach. This is why in this technique the fingers of the hand are all facing down.

This application requires very good footwork so we need to remember that in Wing Chun training and Chi Sau footwork is very important. We can have all the hand techniques, but without footwork and Chi Sau training, we can easily use too much strength. Although in the form we do not use the other hand, in this application it is good to use the Wu Sau to hold their elbow as then we have more control and can fix their position. Then the Dai Jeung will be solid.

Michael Tse

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