Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #93

Siu Lim Tao Part 3 – Chaan Sau (Muht Sau 沫手)

Note 93aThere is one more application at the end of the form and that is Chaan Sau and this part really does belong to the end. It is usual for other applications to combine certain techniques together, however we repeat Chaan Sau three times, the same as we do the punch three times at the end. So we can see that Chaan Sau is part of the ending.

In the beginning of Chaan Sau, the left hand goes straight down like a low Gaan Sau挌手, the right hand is like a Taan Sau攤手, places on the left forearm just below the elbow with chopping side of the palm, with palm up. Actually it is not a Taan Sau, this is the Chaan Sau. The palm turns quickly and quickly wipes down left arm to the left palm, at the same time the left hand pulls back to the top of the right forearm, just below the elbow. So the hands have swopped positions. This movement is repeated on the right, and then one more time on the left.

This movement uses both hands simultaneously with a little bit of Fa Ging發勁. As the hand chops down we need to keep contact with the lower hand. Although the application does not need that in the form we should keep contact as this is good for training the energy and keeps the movement stable.

Michael Tse

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