Master Tse’s Wing Chun Notes #95

When Your Hands are Grabbed Very Hard

Note 95If someone really grabs hold of your hand, let say their right hand grabs your right wrist, as this is the normal way to grab, as we have already said, you cannot use Chaan Sau. If someone if strong, then it is impossible to chop their hand away, so what should we do instead?

The best way is to not use force against force, as this is a low level of Wing Chun. Instead, we should let go of the wrist being held (by letting go I mean relax). Then we can use the elbow to go forwards to their centre, then his hand will be weaker and if he does not let go your elbow will hit him. We should also step forwards towards them and then your elbow will be even stronger as your energy will come from the whole body, also you will create a better angle. This is a higher level of Wing Chun as you use your energy in a clever way.

Whatever the situation there is always a Wing Chun technique which can solve it.

Michael Tse

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